Just a little script I threw together so I could run bin/magento from anywhere inside my Magento 2 installation.

Saves me a few taps (cd’s) anyway :)

To download, wget https://gist.githubusercontent.com/andrew-smart/635e4c26c316ced07eb140b38dc0c1f6/raw/fa5ce695946a2733ac31bdd68f9488ba7c116d35/bin-magento.sh


chmod +x ./bin-magento.sh

Don’t forget to add it to your path (perhaps put it in /usr/local/bin) if you want to run it from anywhere (it is kind of the point :D)

Then just run it as if you are running bin/magento but this time you can run it from ./app/code, or perhaps ./vendor like so;

bin-magento.sh cache:flush

Lovely hob.

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